5 Things You Can Do To Get More Money For Your Home

Dated: 07/23/2019

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5 Things You Can Do To Get More Money For Your Home

It's a common question that I hear all of the time.  "Sim, which home improvements will raise the value of my home the most?"  I can say that one of those things relate to the floor plan. I work with a large number of buyers who prefer a more open floor plan in their living area.  A kitchen area that shares a living room or den area is often a big selling point for buyers. Consider eliminating a non-load bearing wall to gain a more open living space.  

I recently did an open house and in preparation, I walked the entire neighborhood, knocking on doors and passing out invitations to the neighbors in the days prior.  As I went from house to house, I noticed that many of these homes had the same thing in common. They had beautiful front doors. Remember that this is the first thing that your potential buyers will see and a nice door makes a great first impression. 

As I've been showing a lot of homes to prospective buyers recently, I've come across a few listings which appear to be "stuck".  They've been on the market for considerably longer than average market time in our region. Any idea on what they all had in common?  The floors were a mess. Broken or chipped floor tiles are a quick road to buyer objections, as is wall to wall carpeting in areas other than the bedrooms (especially in the bathroom).  Eliminating both is a fast track getting the most money when selling your home.  

Two places that my buyers tend to spend the most time are kitchens and bathrooms.  Small details with small attached costs can make a difference in your sale price. Remove any rust around high water areas such as faucets/sinks.  Fresh caulking never hurts either. Doorknobs, faucets, and cabinet handles can make for a quick and refreshing facelift that won't break your wallet.  

Finally, make the most of use of light, both natural and otherwise.  Sun tubes can be a nice option. They use a reflective material that feeds sunlight in from an opening in the ceiling/rooftop.  When showing your home, use the windows to channel in the natural sunlight. 

Consider using a listing agent who offers specialty services which are documented to make a difference in your bottom line, such as professional staging and specialized photography.  Your home deserves to be presented in the best light.  

Whether or not you're in San Diego County, please feel free to contact me, Sim Ziff, with any questions if you're selling, or buying a home.  When making such important decisions, "There is a difference."

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