Condo Or Single Family Homes In Chula Vista: Which Is The Better Buy?

Dated: 04/25/2019

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Considering the record low mortgage rates on offer and the reduced home prices in Chula Vista, families are pacing faster towards buying a property. Now whether or not you’re new at this, you will find yourself torn between the choice of buying a condo or a single family house. Which is the better buy and why?

It’s plain wrong to underestimate the commitment buying a property brings. It requires a plan that looks many years into the future. You can’t base it on thinking that you would buy the house or the condo, live there for the next two years and then rent it out. Things change, people change, and so do situations. It will not work out as planned. So before you decide upon buying any of the two, it’s important that you educate yourself on the pros and cons of each.

Condo Living

  • Condos are cheaper

    It’s common knowledge that condos are affordable than single family homes for sale in Chula Vista. In cases where people have a certain price budget or maximum loan they quality for, houses might go out of range, specifically in the primary locations of the town. If you want your house to be in the heart of the city, closer to transportation options, you would want to look for a condo.

  • Condos are easier to maintain

    A condo is almost like a box with stuff inside you might need to maintain. You’ll have a small interior unit to maintain, thus making condos, unlike sprawling properties, cheaper to maintain. Only your appliances, toilets, and kitchen might need maintenance. You wouldn’t have to worry about the structure, the roof, the exterior of the home, the landscaping, and much, much more, that comes along with living in a single family house.


  • Condos can be outgrown

    One of these days, you’re going to have kids, they will grow up and want separate rooms, a big garden, and what not! That’s when things will start to get out of hands. You will eventually have to make up your mind to moving into a single family house. So if you’re planning to start a family, condos are not a good option.

Single Family Houses


  • Homes are better investments

    The odds of your single family house’s rate getting appreciated are higher than in the case of condos. Since you own will also own the land, you can be sure that the land and the house, both, will appreciate over time. This is given to the fact that you keep adding value to your house by getting a pool built, beautifying the landscape, and building structures upon structures.

  • Houses do not have HOA dues

    This is one great advantage of buying houses. When it comes to condos, you will be required to pay HOA dues each month to maintain the structure itself. Moreover, HOA dues always tend to go up. This leads to condo residents paying the monthly fee for life, even if they’ve paid off their mortgage. With houses, this is an easy out. No HOA dues. You maintain your own landscape and pool.

  • With houses, there’s more privacy

    You wouldn’t have to share common walls, floors, and common areas. No worries about someone stomping above your ceiling. And similarly, nobody complains about late night drumming practices. With a house, you can get peace and quiet, and sit out in your backyard if you need some fresh air. With a condo, you’ll need to head down to the common area, which may not be so peaceful.

This guide must help you decide which property you should prefer, given to your unique needs. In some cases, the condo may be the better purchase. And in others the home will definitely be the better buy. If you need help in gathering info about new homes for sale in Chula Vista, CA, reach out to HomeSmart Realty West. Our goal is to help you the get the most out of the purchase of your next home.

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